Industry Problem

Organizations face increasing information security pressures from regulators, customers, and business partners. Those parties require a heightened awareness and sensitivity to information security and have high expectations of your organization in regards to private and sensitive data. Business partners are typically now including contract provisions requiring the counter party to represent and warrant that your organization have a compliant information security program.

Organizations also have to satisfy the ever challenging demands set by regulators such as the Federal Trade Commission and Health and Human Services Office for Civil Rights. Finally, on top of all of this, organizations need to understand and manage the Information Security risks of their vendor network handling the organization’s private data.

Meeting these demands starts with data, which RiskSmart Advisors digitally captures, manages, analyzes and communicates through its unique and powerful RiskPortal. From the information contained in this wealth of data, RiskSmart Advisors delivers to clients total holistic InfoSec risk management solutions through RiskSmart Advisors products and services. The captured data allows organizations, through using RiskPortal, to assist in meeting customer and regulatory information security expectations, reaching legal compliance and managing third party risk with continuous visualization and monitoring of risk factors.